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Newsletter 3 – January 2018

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas

Bad weather plans

We will endeavour to keep playgroup open during the colder months, however we may during extremely icy and dangerous weather have to close the playgroup due to our rural location.  We will contact you via text message by 8.00am each morning the playgroup is closed.   If you have changed your mobile number please check we have your updated number recorded at playgroup.  Please also check your emergency contact numbers, in case we need to close playgroup early.   

Notice of closure will also be put on our playgroup webpage.

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Dates for your diary

Saturday 27th January 4-6pm = Family Bingo

(Chocolate prizes to be won!)

Tickets are £10 per family - includes a 6 page book of bingo tickets, squash for the children and some chocolate treats. More bingo books will be available to purchase on the day along with hot/soft drinks and Pizza & chips.

Half Term

    Monday 12th Friday 16th February  2018

Friday 23rd February 7.30pm = Adult Bingo Night

 (Cash prizes and alcohol to be won!)

Tickets £12.00 if booked and £15.00 on the door.  Tickets include a book of bingo tickets and a hot meal of jacket potatoes and toppings, please bring your own alcohol.

School/nursery admissions for September 2018

If you have a child born between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014 you must make an application for a full time school place by Sunday 14th January 2018.  Please ask for an information leaflet if you have not already received one.

Children born between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015 may be offered a nursery place, please enquire at your chosen school regarding applications.

Weekly planned activities for the next half term-

(Please note we may change the planned activities to take into account the children’s interests or to further enhance an experience).


4th - 5th January = Christmas - Epiphany

We will be welcoming the children back after the Christmas holidays and hearing all their news.  Please use your childs diary to record any news or achievements they wish to share, thank you.  This week we shall finish the Christmas story with Epiphany, the arrival of the wise men.

8th - 12th January = Weather

As the weather gets colder we will be discussing over the next few weeks ways to keep warm; Wearing hats, scarves and gloves etc.  Eating warm foods, such as soup and toast.

We will also discuss how to look after the animals in our gardens.

15th – 19th January = Weather – Colder climates

We will be thinking of other countries with colder climates and the animals that live there.  

We shall also look at other medias to use in our small world play and craft activities.

22nd  - 26th January = Weather – Around the world

Last week we looked at colder countries, this week we will be looking at the other countries around the world and the different habitats.  If you have any photos at home the children are welcome to bring them in to share.

29th January – 2nd February = Celebrations around the world – Chandeleur

To conclude our look at other countries we look this week at the celebrations, carnivals and traditions.   We will be making crepes this week, which are shared in France as part of their Chandeleur celebrations for Candlemas.

5th – 9th February = Chinese New Year

This year the Chinese celebrate the year of the dog.  We start our celebrations with making our role-play area into a Chinese restaurant.  We will conclude our celebration of Chinese New Year after half term.