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We were very excited to visit the theatre, as our Christmas treat, to see “Wow”, said the Owl!  It is one of our playgroup favourite books.  The music, puppets, lights and colours of the theatre experience was new for most of the children.  We have continued looking at colours within the playgroup environment.



As the weather has been getting colder we have been discussing ways to keep warm and how to look after the animals in our playgroup garden.  The birds have been visiting to eat the food we have put out for them.  

We have used different media to use in our small world play and craft activities.


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Creating Laughter through Music


A very big “Thank you” to the Rosa Simon Music Fund, whom very kindly donated the money for us to buy a music frame for the Layham Playgroup garden.

The music frame has been very popular with the children, it has enabled them to explore music whilst playing in the garden, using their senses further, whilst having fun!  It is something they can access independently as part of their play.  

We can finally announce a HUGE thank you to the Big Lottery Fund, who has been kind enough to support us with purchasing a new shed and some much needed new toys and storage units.  We were awarded with a generous amount of money which has impacted the playgroup in such a positive way!  The items we have been able to purchase will have such a beneficial impact with the children, giving them more opportunities to learn and develop within our sessions.

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