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Layham Village Hall, Church Lane, Lower Layham, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 5LZ

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Registered charity: 1160254, Ofsted Registered,

PLA Member (Pre-school Learning Alliance)

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Settling In, Arrivals and Departures

All children will settle at a new playgroup in their own time.  Our friendly staff work together with you as parents to help your child to feel safe and secure in their new environment.

To assist with this we split the arrival time so that the younger children are able to settle before the older ones arrive.  We also aim to greet each child individually and encourage them to separate from their parent/carer by showing an interest in a toy they have brought in and explaining what activities are available.

At home time the departures are again split with the younger children leaving first at 12:15, enabling the older children to participate in “Rising 4s”, which provides 15 minutes more structured, learning based activities before they leave at 12:30.  At both departure times, our farewell song signals to the children that it is time to go home and again they are given a warm and personal “goodbye”.

A slide-show of the photos taken during the session is put onto the computer at home time, giving parents/carers an idea of what their child has been doing at playgroup, enabling them to discuss it further with their child as they leave.

Arrivals and departures are important events for both parents and children and by adding a personal touch we hope to make playgroup a very happy experience.  Should anyone other than the usual parent/carer be collecting your child you must inform a member of staff and complete the necessary paperwork.  We will not allow a child to leave the playgroup until we have the necessary permission.

Key Person

When your child starts at Layham Playgroup they will be allocated a “key person”.  This member of staff will have particular responsibility for your child including completing their individual “Learning Journey”, which records their progress at playgroup through observations, photos and examples of their work.

Rota Help

We encourage parents/carers to come and help with playgroup sessions whenever possible and have a rota to co-ordinate parental help.  If you would like to be included on the rota, please speak to a member of staff.


We aim to take the children outside to play all year round so please ensure your child has the appropriate attire for the season; coats, hats and gloves in the winter, sun cream and sunhats in the summer.

Whilst aprons are provided for messy activities, accidents do happen so please send your child in appropriate clothes.  

Simple clothing helps to encourage the children to be independent and dress themselves when going to the toilet  (but help is always available should they struggle).  

A change of clothing is also a good idea, particularly for those who are potty training.

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